New Limestone Review

New Limestone Review is looking for submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry on a rolling basis for monthly issues of our online literary review. We have no stated limitations on form or subject matter, but we are looking for work that feels alive. Maybe your characters are living breathing real, or your subject is vital, or the piece just makes us want to sing or cry or run to find someone to show it to. All pieces published online are eligible for inclusion in our annual print publication.

Please note: to maintain the standard of quality associated with New Limestone Review, and to handle ever-increasing number of submissions, we only accept submissions through Submittable.  The $4 submission fee covers production costs only; no person on our staff receives any part.

General Submission Guidelines:
- Please include author name and contact information on the first page of your submission.
- Use .docx or .pdf format.
- Simultaneous submissions are permitted.
- If your work has been accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it from consideration.
- Submissions are only accepted online through submittable: do not mail submissions by post. - Submissions will be considered for online publication and for inclusion in our once-yearly print ‘best of’ issue.
- Submissions are limited to one prose piece and five poems at a time. Please group poetry into one submission. Multiple submissions in the same genre will be returned unread.
- We make every effort to respond within three months, but response time will vary according to the number of submissions.
- Responses will be provided by e-mail.
- Please prepare your submission in letter-sized format, with ample margins, double-spaced, using a standard typeface (e.g., Times, Helvetica, Arial) and font size (12 point is best).
- Do not send pieces that have been previously published elsewhere, including self-published work. This includes online, on social media, in a personal blog, or self-published work etc. 

New Limestone Review does not offer payment at this time. However, if your work is accepted, you will receive a contributor’s copy, as well as a free gift subscription.

If you are a current student at University of Kentucky, or have been a student within the last 2 years, please do not submit to New Limestone Review. You may enter your work 2 years after your last year of attendance at UK.
Ends on May 15, 2018$4.00
The New Limestone Review considers submissions of original, unpublished poetry by poets in all stages of their writing careers. We are interested in poems with a strong voice, poems with electric language, and poems that lift off the page. Send up to five poems per submission on a single document. Please notify us if you would like to withdraw one of your submitted pieces from consideration, detailing the title(s) of the work to be withdrawn.
Ends on May 15, 2018$4.00
The New Limestone Review considers submissions of short prose fiction with contemporary themes. While we are looking for literary fiction and generally do not accept genre writing, experimental fiction is also welcome. In short, we are looking for stories that make us think of familiar things in new ways, or new things in familiar ways – stories that stay with us and challenge our perceptions. While there is no particular word or page limit, The New Limestone Review prefers pieces that are between 5,000 and 7,000 words. Anything longer than that becomes hard to place in an issue. Please specify fiction in your cover letter and on your submission. 
Ends on May 15, 2018$4.00
The New Limestone Review considers submissions of original, unpublished non- fiction by writers in all stages of their literary careers. We enjoy reading a wide range of work from traditional essays to experimental subjects and forms. We look for pieces that grip us and tell a compelling story — work that opens the wold to us in new and interesting ways. Pieces longer than 3000-5000 words are hard to place, please limit your submissions to around that length. Please specify nonfiction in your cover letter and on your submission.