New Limestone Review

New Limestone Review is looking for submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, visual art, short films, comics, and genre-bending / multimedia / uncategorizable work for monthly issues of our online literary review.

All pieces published online are eligible for inclusion in our print publication.

We accept submissions year round, although we may close or limit submissions temporarily in the summer months due to our reduced staff at that time.

Check out the bottom of this page for information about the Gurney Norman Summer Fiction Prize -- submissions open June 1st!

General Submission Guidelines:

- Cover letter requirements:

  • include your cover letter as the LAST page of your submission (this is because we prefer to judge your work on its merits).
  • include an email address where we can contact you directly if your work is chosen for publication
  • include a short, publishable third person author bio, not exceeding 100 words
  • let us know if you have a social media presence, and what your handles are. We like to keep up with our community!
  • If you forget one of the things mentioned above: don't stress (writers have enough of that already!). We'll ask for these things again when we send notice of acceptance.

- Formatting Your Work

  • Submit written work ONLY in a docx format (for visual art, please see the genre description for acceptable formats)
  • Letter-sized format, with ample margins, double-spaced, using a standard typeface (e.g., Times, Helvetica, Arial) and font size (12 point is best). 
  • Poetry & hybrid work may be single-spaced.

- When/Where/What/How Often Should I Submit?

  • In general, we accept work year-round. On occasion, we may temporarily close submissions during the summer months due to reduced staffing.
  • You may submit in each genre, but please wait until you hear from us before submitting again in the same genre. Additional submissions in the same genre will be declined without being read.
  • If we have accepted your work for publication, please wait one year from the date of acceptance before submitting more work (in that genre).
  • Also, for some reason I have to make this announcement: please don't send us the same work multiple times. Because:
  1. We cannot refund Submittable fees for duplicate entries
  2. This will not move you up on our reading list. (In fact, it's liable to work against you, as it makes me cranky to have to go pull dupes out and decline them).
  3. If you are resubmitting a newly revised version, make sure that you withdraw the original. I decline the most recently submitted duplicate when I find them.

- Simultaneous submissions are permitted as long as you let us know tout de suite if someone else snatches it up first.

  • If your work has been accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it from consideration:
  • For prose, go to your Submittable page and choose the option to withdraw.
  • For poetry and art (and flash fiction), if you are withdrawing only a portion of your submission, please email us with the title of the pieces you wish to withdraw: limestone.uky [at] gmail [dot] com (you most likely won't get an acknowledgment email, but rest assured our managing editor checks our email & notes any partial withdrawals in our system a minimum of 3 times a week).
  • IMPORTANT: In your email, please sign your name exactly as it appears in Submittable. Submittable is not smart and cannot find you without your middle initial / hyphenated last name / diacritic accent / etc. 
  • ALSO: Do not email submissions to this address. They will be deleted unread. All submissions must go through Submittable.
  • Make sure that you are submitting to the correct category! Although our Poetry Editor can reassign to the Nonfiction Editor, etc, this will delay our response significantly, as your work will go to the bottom of the next editor's to-be-read pile.
  • Do not send pieces that have been previously published elsewhere, including self-published work. This includes online, on social media, in a personal blog, or self-published work etc.

-  We prefer to respond within 1-3 months.

  • We have finally made it through our backlog! Thank you so much for your patience, writers.
  • If you have not received a response on a submission that is more than 90 days old, congratulations -- that means that your work is under serious consideration by our editors; final decisions will be made as soon as possible.
  • If you have not heard from us in six months, you may query us at the email above.


Please see the individual descriptions under each genre for genre-specific information regarding length and details about what we're looking for aesthetically. Our aesthetic changes with our staff, so check back regularly to see if your work might find a home here!

Please note: to maintain the standard of quality associated with New Limestone Review, and to handle ever-increasing number of submissions, we only accept submissions through Submittable.  The $4 submission fee covers production costs only; no person on our staff receives any part.

New Limestone Review does not offer payment at this time (we're working on getting there!). However, if your work is accepted, you will receive a contributor’s copy, as well as a free gift subscription.

If you are a current student at University of Kentucky, or have been a student within the last 2 years, please do not submit to New Limestone Review. You may enter your work 2 years after your last year of attendance at UK.

 The Inaugural Gurney Norman Summer Fiction Prize

Gurney Norman is a writer, educator, and strong advocate for Appalachian arts and culture. He is the former Poet Laureate of Kentucky and the author of five books including the novel Divine Right's Trip: A Folk-Tale and the short story collections Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories and, most recently, Allegiance.

Send us your best work! Open for submissions from June 1st until July 15th

  • First place winner receives $500 & publication in New Limestone Review
  • Second place winner receives $250 & publication in New Limestone Review
  • Third place winner receives publication in New Limestone Review


All submissions will be considered for publication.

Maximum Word Count: 7,000 words.

Submissions: writers can submit as many stories as they like, but each must be submitted separately with its own submission fee.

The submission fee is $12.

Please include page numbers, but no identifying information on the submission itself.


Stories will be judged by Andrew Milward, author of the story collections The Agriculture Hall of Fame, which was awarded the Juniper Prize for Fiction by the University of Massachusetts, and I Was a Revolutionary, which was awarded the Friends of American Writers Literature Award. 

Ends on August 14, 2019$4.00

Please read our general guidelines above for formatting requirements.

We accept up to five (5) poems per submission.

Please submit these in a single document of no more than 15 pages total.

Read the general guidelines regarding the cover letter.

From our poetry editor:
"Your submission should provoke a renaissance inside the reader, an uprising, a resurgence. A good poem leaves the reader wondering, but a great poem leaves the reader dreaming. Here at NLR we’re looking for poems that don’t focus all of their energy into one line; rather each stanza, line break, and image should work as a single, artistic unit, moving the reader towards a tangible idea. Leave no punctuation mark spared. Think adult maturation, not neo-natal. Be worldly. Be idealistic. Be grounded. Most of all, pique our interest with language, the essential foundation and identifying fingerprint of any creative body." 

Please read our general guidelines above for formatting requirements.

 We ask that creative nonfiction submissions not exceed 5,000 words.  

From our nonfiction editor:

"The New Limestone Review is currently looking for previously unpublished literary/creative nonfiction that introduces us to inventive form, dynamic language, and strong, particular voices. We like work that takes risks, engages with the current cultural moment, and ventures into disciplines outside of the literary world (marine biology, disability studies, horticulture, bowling, visual art, etc.). Keep in mind Robert Frost's observation: 'no surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.'"

Please note: We do not consider pieces better classified as journalism, literary criticism, or other technical and academic writing. Best wishes finding the right home for such works.

Ends on July 30, 2019

 Featured Artist Submissions

The New Limestone Review is currently looking for previously unpublished visual art for our new "Featured Artist" initiative. We are looking for work that offers a strong, particular aesthetic voice and the evocative use of line, form, color, and media

Each submission should include 6-10 images of visual artwork from which we will choose those that correspond best with the written work in a chosen artist's particular issue. We recommend that the pieces included are a cohesive body of work.

We like work that takes risks, engages with the current cultural moment, or ventures into disciplines outside of the art world. We are open to imagery across the spectrum, ranging from figurative realist collage and abstract expressionist photography to minimalist conceptual design.

We choose work based on its appearance in 2-D images. If you want to submit sculpture, costume design, installation art, etc., please include professional-quality photographs of these 3-D works.

We do not publish art reviews or ekphrastic writing in the "Featured Artist" category. This is for visual artwork only.

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